Terms of Service

Return Policy

All sales are final. Hardware Products are warrantied against DOA by Business Software Solutions and are covered by manufacturer warranties. Used hardware is warrantied against product defects or failure for a period of 6 months from purchase. Extended warranties are available. You must obtain an RMA from BSS and follow proper RMA and shipping procedures for any warranty claims. Misuse or abuse of products or failure to ship properly will void your warranty. Warrantied items will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. You are responsible for shipping RMA'd items back to us.

Station Licensing

Business Plus Accounting software is included with no additional setup or initial charge on hardware systems purchased from BSS. For systems not purchased from BSS, there is an initial software fee of $79 for the first station at your location. Additional stations require a 1 time $400 initial software fee, but do not change monthly software licensing costs.

Software Licensing

Business Plus Accounting software products are licensed under a subscription model and requires a monthly licensing fee.  The software will periodically require an updated license key from Business Software Solutions, which can be automatically obtained if the system is connected to the internet and the account is current on monthly licensing fees and other outstanding charges. License key updates will not be issued to accounts that are not current on licensing, support or other fees. The software will cease functioning if the updated license key is not obtained. BPA software will provide notification of an expiring key for 14 days prior to expiration. The license fee is a flat fee per location regardless of the number of stations.