Elite II Restaurant Point of Sale System Standalone

Our Elite POS system is an All-In-One Point of Sale computer. Featuring a fast dual core Intel CPU and SSD drive, the Elite POS is a great option.

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Manufacturer: BPAPOS
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Each BPA POS Elite station includes an All-In-One touch screen terminal with an integrated card swipe. Select additional receipt printers or cash drawers below.

Select your Point of Sale Software

BPA Restaurant Professional

Optimized for full service/quick service restaurants. Supports tracking and viewing orders by server.

BPA Restaurant Delivery

Optimized for delivery establishments or cashier based checkout restaurants. Supports tracking orders by server as well as assigning drivers and cashier tracking.

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We offer a wide range of custom configurable Restaurant POS hardware systems. From single station systems to multiple station systems with Back Office computers, our industry standard custom configurable Restaurant POS hardware systems provide an unbeatable combination of value and reliability.



Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

It all starts here. Flexible for any menu yet simple for any user. Powerful functionality yet intuitive and quick to learn. We've been honing our Restaurant Point of Sale software for close to 20 years.


Robust inventory management system, with cycle counting, food recipes and costing, vendor orders, product receiving, and automatic product reorders.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Keep customers coming back with multiple loyalty programs. With our gift cards, you pay no transaction rates or fees and you control the unused balances.


Protect your customers information with EMV and PCI compliant solutions. Hold employees accountable and prevent theft with our extensive security options.


Eliminate double entry and extra accounting fees with integrated receivables, payables, general ledger reporting, time clock, payroll processing and more.

Integrated Payments

Fully integrated payment processing through Clearent or Global Payments Integrated for fast, accurate, and secure transactions with the flexibility to choose a provider that works for you.


BPA Kiosk Image

BPA Kiosks

Point of Sale kiosks allow you to automate the order entry process, putting your customers in control of their own orders and reducing staffing requirements and labor costs.

Using our EatOnTheWeb technology, orders placed by customers using kiosks are pushed directly into your BPA Point of Sale system. Orders will automatically print in the kitchen and appear on kitchen monitors.

BPA Point of Sale kiosks support credit card payments*, or allow users to pay for their order with cash at a regular point of sale terminal.

* Integrated payment processing available now with Clearent X-Charge Integration coming soon!



StoreView Cloud Reporting

StoreView is a free online status and reporting tool for BPA Point of Sale. With StoreView you can view important information, including sales volume and labor costs, in real time from anywhere. You can view important reports from your Point of Sale system at any time from your phone, tablet, or computer. No matter where you are you can have your finger on the pulse of your business.

BPA StoreView Web Ordering


RapidServer POS Tablets Image

RapidServer POS Tablets

Keep your servers on the floor where they can sell more items to your customers. Get food to your customers and turn tables more quickly with instantaneous communication from the servers to the cooks using our RapidServer POS Tablets.



EatOnTheWeb Online Ordering

EatOnTheWeb is an easy to use, affordable online ordering platform for restaurants. Give your customers the ease and convenience of placing orders online, while reaping the benefits and added revenue of an online presence.



The Right Version For Your Industry

Every restaurant is different. We have created two options for restaurant point of sale equipment with BPA Restaurant Point of Sale. BPA Restaurant Professional targets traditional full-service or fast casual restaurants, while BPA Restaurant Delivery targets cashier based restaurants or businesses that provide their own delivery service. Both products include the full set of restaurant Point of Sale functionality, business tools, and accounting features. Choose whichever works best for you. Here are some of the basic differences.


BPA Restaurant Professional

Server based ordering and cashout
Show more items on screen, but seperate screen to show tickets
No tracking for deliveries
Ideal for full service, quick service, or server based cashout
Server or cashier based cashout     
View and select tickets right from the pos screen
Track deliveries
Assign drivers to tickets
Close tickets by driver
Track driver mileage
Ideal for delivery establishments or cashier based checkout

BPA Restaurant Delivery

BPA Restaurant Professional

BPA Restaurant POS Tour Image

BPA Restaurant Delivery

BPA Restaurant Delivery POS Tour Image


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

We don't require you to sign a contract to run our software. If you aren't happy with our product you can stop using it without paying any early termination or contract fees.

Is the monthly fee required?

The monthly licensing and support fee is required. This fee grants you a license to use the software, and allows you to receive software updates and support.

Why does the second station cost more?

When purchasing software only, the license for the first station is priced lower than subsequent stations because of the monthly license fee. There is no additional monthly license for additional stations.

Is this "cloud" software?

Business Plus Accounting is a locally installed software and database, which is ideal for security, reliability, and cost. We utilize cloud functionality to offer BPA StoreView reporting, EatOnTheWeb.com online ordering, multi-location gift cards, and more. More information about cloud vs local software is available here.

What about support?

We provide excellent US based support via telephone, chat, e-mail, and remote desktop access (using the internet, you can have our support technicians log in directly to your PC to provide support and assistance with our software and show you what to do). Getting support directly from the creators of the software means top quality support from people who really know the product. Support is available 24 hours a day without having to hope someone reads and answers your e-mail.

Should I sell gift cards?

Our software includes built in gift card processing. 27% of all gift cards are never redeemed. This amounts to $2,000 - $10,000 per year for most restaurants. Other restaurant software products require you to use a Gift Card Service Provider; these providers keep the unredeemed money and you lose the profit. With our product, there is no gift card service provider and you keep all profit from the sale of a gift card. (Federal and state laws apply)

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
CPU 2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Processor
System Memory (RAM) 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive 256g SSD Drive
Operating System Windows 10 Enterprise
Warranty 2 Years
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Elite II Restaurant Point of Sale System

Our Elite POS system is an All-In-One Point of Sale computer. Featuring a fast dual core Intel CPU and SSD drive, the Elite POS is a great option.

Please configure your Point of Sale system below.

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