Used Single Station Restaurant System

Used Single Station Restaurant Point of Sale System consisting of the following...

Each BPA POS station includes an All-In-One touch screen terminal. Select additional receipt printers or cash drawers below.

BPAPOS Thermal Receipt Printers. Receipt printers can connect via USB, Serial, or Ethernet connections.

Items sold in the Point of Sale can automatically print to one or more dot matrix kitchen printers. Please select the number of Kitchen Printers you need.

Auto-open Cash Drawer. Cash drawers connect through the receipt printer, so you must have at least as many receipt printers as cash drawers. Contact BSS for information on attaching 2 cash drawers to 1 receipt printer.

Magnetic card swipe for gift cards, employee cards, etc.

Work Station
  • 1 Refurbished Dell Optiplex Computer
    • Intel i3 3.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, CD Rom Drive, Windows® 10 (6 mo. Warranty)
  • 1 New 15" Flat Panel Touch Screen Monitor (2 yr. Warranty)
  • 1 Refurbished Auto-cut Thermal Receipt Printer (6 mo. Warranty)
  • 1 Refurbished Auto-cut Thermal Kitchen Printer (6 mo. Warranty)
  • 1 Kitchen Extension Cable (lengths can be adjusted)
  • 1 New Auto Open Cash Drawer (2 yr. Warranty)
  • 1 New Magnetic Card Swipe Readers (1 yr. Warranty)
  • BPA Restaurant Professional Software
  • OpenEdge & Clearent Credit Card Software Modules (free of charge)
  • Video Training Series
  • User Manuals
  • ***All included on an 8GB Flash Drive