Used Single Station Retail System

Used Single Station Retail Point of Sale System consisting of the following...

Each BPA POS station includes an All-In-One touch screen terminal. Select additional receipt printers or cash drawers below.

BPAPOS Thermal Receipt Printers. Receipt printers can connect via USB, Serial, or Ethernet connections.

Auto-open Cash Drawer. Cash drawers connect through the receipt printer, so you must have at least as many receipt printers as cash drawers. Contact BSS for information on attaching 2 cash drawers to 1 receipt printer.

Scan barcodes using your own labels or barcodes already on products. Typically each station should have a barcode scanner.

Magnetic card swipe for gift cards, employee cards, etc.

Work Station
  • 1 Refurbished Dell Optiplex Computer
    • Intel i3 3.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, CD Rom Drive, Windows® 10 (6 mo. Warranty)
  • 1 New 15" Flat Panel Touch Screen Monitor (2 yr. Warranty)
  • 1 Refurbished Auto-cut Thermal Receipt Printer (6 mo. Warranty)
  • 1 New Auto Open Cash Drawer (2 yr. Warranty)
  • 1 New Barcode Scanners (1 yr. Warranty)
  • 1 New Magnetic Card Swipe Readers (1 yr. Warranty)
  • BPA Restaurant Professional Software
  • OpenEdge & Clearent Credit Card Software Modules (free of charge)
  • Video Training Series
  • User Manuals
  • ***All included on an 8GB Flash Drive